Paradox Black (Dox) is a hard working internationally touring artist. When he’s not on the road, he is on the west coast continuing to build his reputation as a strong up-and-coming emcee/producer, starring on different national tours including the VANS Warped Tour, and the BringItBackTour . There has been steady growth with the level of quality endured within his music; A quality that reflects his everyday life mixed with unrelenting creativity and abstract ability to look outside the box.Cementing unyielding ambition with his hard-hitting lyrical abstract style has allowed him to be associated with a number of known artists who he has had the opportunity to do shows with, such as: CHINO XL, TOO SHORT, KRS-ONE, CHALI 2NA, ONEBELO, OPIO, PRINCE PO, R.A. THE RUGGED MAN, JERU THE DAMAJA, SAB THE ARTIST, MADILLZ, FREEWAY, GUILTY SIMPSON, KEAK THE SNEAK, SAN QUINN & MANY MORE.

As an artist his whole life, he started expressing himself as a grafitti artist at a young age. Transitioning into different forms of art, he began emceeing & producing Hip Hop his sophmore year of high school. Directly after, he moved from his origins in the Bay Area, CA, to Honolulu Hawaii where he would soon develop a knack for the independent artist lifestyle. Over the next 8 years in Hawaii, he would proceed to collaborate with not only some of the islands best musicians, but also artists from around the world. From japan, to California, to New York, to the Dominican Republic, to Egypt, Dox has been able to reach different demographics with the ability to mesh with ALL types of people.

By definition: “Literary and other artistic uses of paradoxes imply no contradiction and may be used to describe situations that are ironic. Sometimes the term paradox is used for situations that are merely surprising.” In the context of Dox Black, he very much represents a side of life that would shock the average person’s way of thinking. This world has an extreme amount of complexities and juxtapositions filling it, and those who can see both sides as necessary will have a better understanding of the mind within the artist who is Paradox Black.